How Tosay How Much You Have In Your Wallet

You have a job, a mortgage to pay and lots of other bills. However, like many Americans, you might not even know it. The National Financial Education Council estimates that about one in five Americans have less than $1,000 in their bank accounts. That’s a lot of debt! How on earth are you supposed to pay for your everyday needs without having money lying around? Thankfully, there is a way to cut back on expenses and still have some cash left over for your next party or vacation. Check out these top tips for managing your money effectively and get ready to put that negative net worth recorded to one day’s swimmer’s Memories Buff!

Save Money

One of the most important things you can do to protect your money is to save money. Don’t go into debt and fall into that “Is it worth it?” trap mythology that so much debt leads to angry comments and even worse financial outcomes. If you have a savings account or have been saving for a while, you can borrow money and add it to your account. This will help you access your money and take the first step toward financial independence.

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