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Many small business owners go into business because they want to pursue doing something they love and doing it for themselves. Many often fail to anticipate the huge amount of administrative work that comes with having employees.

And many small business owners often find themselves in the role of administrator with little time left to do the work they love.

In fact, one report a few years ago estimated that smaller companies in the United States lost nearly 5 percent of productive time on administrative tasks. and another study Decide that

“…small businesses spend up to 240 days a year working on administrative tasks, which translates to 17 percent of their total workforce.”

With each employee, there is a similar level of paperwork, forms, and HR functions that must be addressed, and with each additional employee, there is a level that grows exponentially. Some employers are fortunate enough to have a partner or senior employee who is able to fill the role of “Human Resources Manager” during the initial phase of their business growth.

But the day comes when Janice on the Payroll can’t handle the administrative burden that comes with having more than 10 or 20 employees.

Fortunately, the solution doesn’t always involve hiring an HR professional, especially for a small business that’s still in its early stages of growth.

Easy benefits management software for insurance agents and customers

For those unfamiliar with Ease, the next question is probably, “What is it and how can it help me?”

depending on the company websiteAnd the

“Ease is the #1 rated benefits and HR management software for small and medium businesses, serving more than 2,000 agencies and more than 75,000 businesses that manage benefits and HR for their 3.4 million-plus employees.”

Basically, Ease is an online service that your insurance broker can provide. The agency covers the subscriber’s cost while managing or administering the software applications. Ease is designed as a “simple technology” for managing small business employee benefits and HR needs with as few as two employees.

At JC Lewis Insurance Services, we have fully integrated the benefits and features of Ease management software for our clients.

As an award-winning HR and employee benefits management software, Ease provides an important and much-needed service for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Ease is designed to be simple to set up and immediately begin managing your employee benefits, as well as making it easy to onboard new employees while helping your business stay compliant in the process.

Ease can provide your employees with a single online destination to access all their HR information.

Find out how EASE can make employee registration and benefits management easy

A closer look at the benefits of ease for employers

Ease takes care of a wide range of HR administrative tasks and functions. Ease also provides small businesses with a professional, efficient, and secure platform that employers and their employees can benefit from. In addition, if your business does not currently have an HR department or HR manager assigned, you can provide them with full administrative access if desired.

One of the most useful features of Ease is its ability to help your employees make better decisions regarding shared costs for health insurance, coverage, and SBC (Summary of Benefits and Coverage), while putting the actual costs at their fingertips.

The software also makes it possible to compare unique health coverage plan details, such as monthly premiums, co-costs, and deductibles, all in one view.

Your employees are only required to enter their personal information once and after completing all the required fields, they can then digitally sign the registration forms, eliminating administrator oversight, missing information, forms transfer and other time-consuming paperwork and storage.

In addition, owners and their employees can access Ease at any time from the Internet, mobile, and iOS or Android apps to view important benefit details. And one of the best aspects for employers is that we can quickly set up and manage your account while teaching you how to use Ease. Of course, if you have any questions, we are always here to help you.


The best local source for California health insurance advice and services

Administrative work isn’t the only “cost item” that small business owners need to be concerned with. Health insurance plans in California and elsewhere can also be expensive. Fortunately, there are a variety of strategies for keeping these costs to a minimum.

However, for most small business owners, it may be important for them to provide quality medical protection for themselves and their employees.

JC Lewis Insurance Services offers a variety of flexible and affordable health plan options that allow business owners to choose the right health insurance coverage options for their employees’ needs.

In addition, we are authorized with all major health insurance companies in California. This means that when you work with us, you save time and money. It also means that we can quickly identify your insurance needs and recommend the best products and rates to meet those needs.

JC Lewis Insurance Services is a family owned and operated California health insurance agency located in Sonoma County. We are licensed to do business in California and specialize in medical insurance plans for small businesses and people with Medicare.


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